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Emergency preparedness on a University campus can present many challenges.  A campus environment includes not only an extremely large geographical area, but a continuously changing population.  Emergency planning must protect people as well as the institution’s operations such as research, athletic and entertainment events, food services, housing and transportation.

UNM Emergency Information

Click here to learn more about UNM Emergency Information.

Emergency Preparedness Flyer is located HERE.

LoboAlerts is here!

UNM uses a multi-faceted, campus notification system to provide safety and weather alerts, and notification of events which have the potential to threaten the University's ability to conduct regular activities. The system includes a warning siren, email alerts, web page updates as well as the LoboAlerts text messaging system. Students, faculty and staff receive a confirmation email when they are automatically enrolled in the system. The system is tested at the beginning of each semester, and individuals are expected to share the information with those nearby in case they didn't receive it, and to follow the instructions provided. For more information, visit

Emergency Preparedness Training

To learn more about campus preparedness and to test your knowledge of emergency preparedness, please participate in a 10-minute Emergency Preparedness Training excercise by clicking the link to the left.

Campus Preparedness

Click here to learn what you can do in a campus emergency to help keep yourself and others safe.

Personal Preparedness

Emergency preparedness is a shared responsibility that begins with you.  Each individual must take an active part in emergency preparedness so that, collectively, UNM will be Lobo RED-E for any emergency.

Click here to learn more about ways to improve your personal emergency preparedness.

For further information please contact the UNM Office of Emergency Management.

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