UNM Emergency Information

The UNM Warning Siren

The Warning Siren will sound to let people who are outdoors know that it is dangerous to be outdoors, such as during a severe lightening storm, exposure to environmental hazards or other eminent threat. 
The Warning Siren System is tested at the beginning each semester to help familiarize the campus community with the sounds.  Tests are broadly announced in advance through the UNM Webpage, email messages and local notices. 
If you hear the siren and there has been no advance notification of a test, assume it to be a real alert and take these two actions:

Step One:  Seek shelter in the nearest building

Step Two:  Seek additional information from:

To Listen to the Emergency Alert Siren and find out when the siren will be tested next, click here.

For further information please contact the UNM Office of Emergency Management.